Eye-Si Simulator: A user experience

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  • Post author:Hamzah Hussain
  • Post category:Article

The Eye-Si simulator is a surgical simulator that can be used by trainees to gain and develop surgical techniques which are utilised in ophthalmology. More information can be found in an EyeSi overview by Rubia Akhtar. This article aims to provide a personal user review of the simulator. To begin with, I was unable to use the Eye-Si simulator until an assigned tutor provided me with a login – there was no option to register myself. Once I finally had the login, I was told I must use the machine supervised by someone on my first go – as there was no instructions or manual on how to use the equipment and the tools were very delicate.

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Is Moraxella Non-liquefaciens induced microbial keratitis related to mask wearing?

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  • Post author:Samuel Yee War Leung, Diya Baker, Nicole Leung
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Mask wearing may increase the risk of ocular infections with organisms that are not usually encountered as pathogenic. Moraxella Non-liquefaciens is normally commensal in the upper respiratory tract, non-pathogenic, and rarely found to be the causative organism in microbial keratitis. At the Ophthalmology department covering the England West Midlands North we encountered 4 patients, each with a unique Moraxella strain after the end of the second lockdown.

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