Age-Related Cataract Surgery: Through the Lens of Various Stakeholders

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  • Post author:Wei Zhuen Chew, Aimee Lloyd
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Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Estimates attributing blindness due to cataracts range from 50% cause of all-blindness in middle-low income countries to 90% cause of all-blindness in developed countries. Beyond the age of 60 years old, the average person is more likely to suffer from cataracts than not. This combination of a high incidence rate among the population and highly effective treatment available makes cataract surgery the most common surgical procedure performed in the NHS. This article explores and establishes the benefits of cataract surgery from multiple perspectives.

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Eye-Si Simulator: A user experience

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  • Post author:Hamzah Hussain
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The Eye-Si simulator is a surgical simulator that can be used by trainees to gain and develop surgical techniques which are utilised in ophthalmology. More information can be found in an EyeSi overview by Rubia Akhtar. This article aims to provide a personal user review of the simulator. To begin with, I was unable to use the Eye-Si simulator until an assigned tutor provided me with a login – there was no option to register myself. Once I finally had the login, I was told I must use the machine supervised by someone on my first go – as there was no instructions or manual on how to use the equipment and the tools were very delicate.

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Cataract: An Overview

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  • Post author:Mussa Adil Butt
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A cataract is the opacification of the lens in the eye. Blindness secondary to cataracts is the leading cause of reversible blindness worldwide. However, this is more prevalent in the developing world due to a lack of access to surgery. In the developed world, surgery to remove a cataract, known as phacoemulsification, is the commonest surgical procedure that is carried out. The UK has an ageing population and therefore the prevalence of age-related cataracts will likely increase. Therefore for ophthalmology trainees in the UK, they must have a baseline knowledge of this condition.

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