Visual Snow: An Unseen Problem

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  • Post author:Sarah Walker-Date
  • Post category:Article

Visual snow is a newly recognised condition that presents with debilitating visual symptoms. Historically, due to the lack of clinical criteria, many patients have been misdiagnosed or had a significant delay in diagnosis. This article is aimed at improving understanding and recognition of visual snow amongst clinicians.

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Optic Neuritis: A Brief Overview

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  • Post author:Azeem Siddique, Hannah Taylor
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The optic nerve carries information from the retina to the visual pathways in the brain. Optic neuritis is inflammation of the optic nerve, which can be associated with various aetiologies including demyelinating lesions, autoimmune conditions, infections and other inflammatory processes. This article discusses the clinical presentation of optic neuritis as well as pathogenesis, investigation and management.

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