Ophthalmology Specialty Training (OST) Portfolio Criteria (2022 changes)

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  • Post author:Ahmed Elsaadawy
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Until the time of writing this article, candidates are allowed to submit their portfolio evidences on-line in the first half of February. This follows your submission of the main OST application in November and attempting the MSRA in January (please see Oriel in the year you are applying for accurate dates). Further information about the on-line evidence portal is usually sent to candidates just before the portal opening.

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How to make the most of your ophthalmology taster week

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Medical students have limited exposure to ophthalmology (1) and foundation placements in the specialty are rare. Taster weeks give applicants a chance to broaden their experience and make an informed career decision, and the recruiting bodies for ophthalmic specialist training (OST) in the UK have hence allocated weight in the application for the completion of an ophthalmology taster week (2). However, OST is highly competitive and, while a taster week itself carries 1 point in the application, applicants can use this experience to unlock more opportunities to strengthen their chances of securing a post. The following article explores how those looking to apply for the specialty can get the most out of their taster weeks.

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